Communism on Tomorrow Street

Welcome to this blog about my book, Communism on Tomorrow Street: Mass Housing and Everyday Life after Stalin (Woodrow Wilson Center Press and the Johns Hopkins University Press). My book was released just yesterday, February 14, 2013, which was an inspired choice on the part of my publishers since it goes so well with the front cover. Harris-book-cover2The painting on the cover is Yuri Pimenov’s famous depiction of a new mass housing estate, “Wedding on Tomorrow Street” (1962), which you can see at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia. I discuss the painting (and much more) in my book, which explores how the Soviet state under Nikita Khrushchev and his fellow citizens built and moved into millions of ┬ámass produced single-family apartments in an effort to finally resolve Russia’s “housing question” and recreate their everyday lives (and socialism) after Stalin. I’ll use this blog in the weeks ahead to discuss how I researched this book and the questions I hoped I’ve answered, as well as the kinds of new research topics I hope it will generate among other historians. Feel free to post comments or ask questions. And if you’re so inclined to read my book, you can purchase one from the Johns Hopkins University Press here. For more about me (I’m a professor of Modern Russian and European history at the University of Mary Washington), please see my faculty blog.

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